TOPS Initiative: Time Out, Protect Your Skin
Grace Church School May Fair - New York City

Photos from the Saturday, May 5, 2012 event.

WDS Play Safe in the Sun Outreach at the SELF Workout in the Park, San Francisco.

As part of the new TOPS initiative, the WDS gave Grace Church School in NYC a sun safety makeover, with months of collaboration and outreach leading to the official stamp of approval that the school was SUN-PROOFED!

The project included: donation of sun-protective hats for the pre-K and Kindergarten students, UV color-changing bracelets, free Anthelios sunscreen furnished by sponsor La Roche-Posay, a specially designed Sun Safety TIps for school children, the book, Safe in the Sun, written by WDS members Paradi Mirmirani, MD and Sheila Belkin, student talks, the playground shade awning and free skin cancer screenings during May Fair.

Read the official La Roche-Posay news release (pdf)

Drs. Mona Gohara and Kavita Mariwalla, WDS Service Committee Co-chairs EXTRAORDINAIRE

Shown at the Grace Church School May Fair in NYC, which culminated months of collaboration and outreach to sun-proof the school. Under their leadership of the WDS Service Committee, WDS provided educational materials, sun safety hats and bracelets, free sunscreen, talks to students, a specially designed shade structure on the rooftop playground and free skin cancer screenings.

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Thanks to the WDS Time Out, Protect Your Skin initiative, Grace Church School was officially Sun-proofed!

Pictured at the Ribbon-cutting ceremony to unveil the new custom-made shade awning given through TOPS are representatives from WDS, La Roche-Posay and Grace Church School along with the pre-K and Kindergartners in their sun safety hats. In attendance were: WDS President Janet Hickman, MD, Immediate Past President Diane Berson, MD, WDS Service Committee co-chairs Mona Gohara, MD and Kavita Mariwalla, MD and La Roche-Posay's Gene Colon.

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Shade awning given to Grace Church School through the WDS TOPS initiative

This specially designed shade structure was part of the ongoing process of sun-proofing the school over a few months' time.

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New Yorkers received free sunscreen and sun safety educational materials during May Fair

Volunteers provided 3,000 samples of free sunscreen, 1,500 educational materials and free skin checks to New Yorkers during the school's May Fair.

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Drs. Kavita Mariwalla, Mona Gohara and Janet Hickman, MD giving sun safety talk to students

As part of the ongoing TOPS process, the sun-proofing team provided a series of sun safety educational talks to very eager and interested students at the school. The questions and comments were fantastic! Many parents thanked the WDS team for helping to instill good skin health habits in their children.

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Awning on its way to rooftop to sunproof Grace Church School

All good things have to start somewhere! The custom-designed shade awning was on its way up to the rooftop of the Grace Church School for the Springtime installation.

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Sun Safety Mural at Grace Church School

Part of the WDS TOPS Sun-proofing of Grace Church School....a Sun Safety Mural. Students in lower school received their own copies of "Safe in the Sun" and the older children read to the younger ones.

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